This 6-Year-Old Promised to Take His First Step for Mickey Mouse. He Did More Than That.

When Kyler Pope was first diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a baby, doctors told his parents there was a good chance he would never walk, KSL 5 News reported. But when a family trip to Disneyland was on the horizon, something special happened. Kyler, then 4, told his mom, Stephanie, “I’m going to take my first step for Mickey Mouse.”

Kyler, now 6, practiced walking with a walker every day for the two years leading up to his first trip to Disneyland. When the Popes arrived from their home in Springville, Utah, and Kyler first saw Mickey Mouse, he took the first unassisted step of his life. The next time Kyler went to Disneyland five months later, he took ten unassisted steps across the room to greet Mickey. Soon thereafter, he walked the length of a football field. Then he walked nearly a mile.

Watch Kyler’s amazing progress in the video below. 

To read more about Kyler’s story, visit his family’s website here.

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