Comedian Makes Hilarious Return to Stand-up Comedy After Leg Amputation

This is a man who knows the value in being able to laugh at yourself.

Colin Leggo, a comedian from Cornwall, England, lost his leg to diabetes in 2014, The Falmouth Packet reported. After three months of recovering, Leggo recently made a hilarious comeback to stand-up comedy.

His routine includes light-heartedly poking fun at his recent amputation, as well as some humorous anecdotes from his time at the hospital.

It’s going to be a mish-mash of brand new material based around my new life as an amputee,” Leggo told The Packet. “It’s a bit of an odd direction to come from for comedy purposes, a bit of a unique perspective.”

Leggo plans to donate the profits from performances to a charity called Legs4Africa, which provides second-hand prosthetic devices to amputees in Africa.

Watch Leggo’s first performance after his amputation in the video below: 

Visit Colin Leggo’s Facebook page for updates on his performance schedule.

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