Ellen Has a Sweet Surprise For Girl Fighting Cancer and Her Selfless Best Friend

When Jesse, from Monroeville, Pennsylvania, read a story in the paper about a girl named Jasmine who was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer in 2011, he decided to write her a letter of support. The two have been best friends ever since, according to the video below.

Recently, Jesse had a Bar Mitzvah where he got $5,000. He donated all of it to Jasmine and her mom, who struggles to pay the bills while flying her daughter to Boston for cancer treatments. To thank Jesse for his act of kindness and to celebrate Jasmine’s strength, Ellen DeGeneres surprised both her guests with a $10,000 check, iPhone 6’s and a visit from the one of the kids’ favorite television stars.

Watch the video below to see Ellen reward these two deserving young people:

h/t GodVine

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