Awesome 8-Year-Old Stars in What's Already Our Favorite Super Bowl Commercial

Grace Ramsburg, an 8-year-old with Down syndrome, made a television appearance on Super Bowl Sunday, advertising’s biggest event of the year.

Grace and her family were selected to be a part of a one-minute McDonald’s TV ad for a promotion running through February 14, where restaurants will select random customers to “show some lovin’” as their only required payment.

In the commercial, bewildered customers learn the price for their McDonald’s meal is a simple act of love. Grace appears beaming and hugging her brother and father after they’re told their total is “one big family hug.”

Hopefully Grace’s big moment will inspire more companies to include children with disabilities in advertising.

I feel like every day we’re able to get her face out there and her personality out there is wonderful,” Grace’s mom, Holly Ramsburg, said, according to Disability Scoop.

Watch Grace’s shining moment in the heartwarming advertisement below.

Check out another of Grace’s media appearances as part of the “Changing the Face of Beauty” campaign.

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