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Doctors Told This Woman She'd Never Walk Again. On Her Wedding Day, She Proved Them Wrong.

Tami Martin walked 63 feet using her walker to meet her now-husband, Rob Dietrich, at the end of the aisle on her wedding day, according to USA Today. This was no simple task for Martin who’s overcome immense obstacles to get here — including losing nearly 200 pounds and regaining the use of her legs.

A car accident in 1999 left Martin, from Atlanta, a paraplegic for the last 15 years. Major setbacks in her physical therapy, including weight gain and a broken leg, originally kept her from achieving her goal of walking again, the USA Today reported. But now Martin has triumphed over the obstacles in her path and she continues to set goals for herself — her next one is to walk unaided.

And with track record of success she has, we don’t doubt she’ll accomplish it.

Watch Tami Martin walk down the aisle in the video below:

h/t GodVine

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