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Son’s Beautiful Song Soothes His Mother With Alzheimer’s Disease

Joe Fraley’s mother has Alzheimer’s disease. In the video below, as she grapples with the confusion and frustration that comes with this form of dementia, her son calmly reassures her through his words and his music.

Who are we now? I don’t understand,” she says in the video below. “I’m getting very confused.”

“It’s OK, everything is going to be OK, all right?” he replies, while strumming the guitar. “I promise.”

Fraley recorded the video before his mother was moved into an assisted living facility, according to the Youtube description. The video now has more than a million shares.

Thank you everyone so much for such kind words,” the Youtube description says. “I hope this video promotes awareness of this horrible disease… and encourages people to give their parents a big hug.”

Watch the moving interaction in the video below: 

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