The Comment That Reminded Me Why I Write Openly About My Son’s Autism

dom50 When my son, Dominic, was diagnosed with autism back in 2007, I spent two weeks feeling sorry for myself.

I think it’s extremely important to go through that process so you can move forward. During that two-week time frame, one thing I really wish I could have read was a blog post about having a child with special needs, what it’s really like and how it affects the entire family. I felt so alone — like I was the only one out there with a child with autism. And I didn’t want to read a blog that was negative but rather one that was inspirational and positive.

Before I started writing my blog in July of 2011, I had many doubts. Would anybody read it? Would I get a bunch of negative comments saying things like, “Are you some kind of expert?” or “Who do you think you are writing a blog!?” Since I have a business degree and not a journalism degree, I wondered if I would have enough material to make a blog interesting to read. Well, I shouldn’t have worried about that. Good grief, I could write posts three times a day. Anyways, as this blog has evolved over the past three and half years, one topic I write about often is Dominic’s autism.

I always try to stay positive, and I hope I inspire other parents of children with special needs to just keep putting one foot in front of the other. I hope when I write about my son, another parent out there in the same situation can say to themselves, “OK, I’m not alone after all!” Maybe even, they find what I write amusing and it puts a smile on their face. With 1 in 68 children being diagnosed with autism in 2014, chances are you know someone who has a child on the spectrum.

Earlier this week, I wrote a post about Dominic and I having a conversation. I later read this comment from a parent who has a child with special needs:

We are getting closer to this every day. I can’t wait!

Cool. Now, a comment like that is exactly why I write about Dominic’s autism.

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