The Incredible Bond Between These Siblings Keeps Blowing Us Away

You may remember brothers Hunter, 15, and Braden Gandee, 8, from their inspiring 40-mile walk to raise awareness for cerebral palsy.

The two made headlines in June when Hunter walked for two days from Bedford Junior High School in Temperance, Michigan, to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Hunter carried his younger brother Braden, who has cerebral palsy, on his back the entire time.

Since the walk, people from all over have been reaching out and offering to help Braden, including a group of engineers from Cincinnati, who built him a new walker that he can maneuver more easily on uneven terrain, NBC News reported.

Braden, now in second grade, has taken up wrestling to be more like his older brother, a freshmen on the varsity team at his high school. Although this sport is a challenge for Braden, who struggles with muscle control, he has his brother’s unending support to keep him going.

He inspires me,” Braden told NBC, “because he shows me that if you try hard enough, you actually can do something.”

See what Braden and Hunter are up to now in the video below:


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