50 Things My Child With Down Syndrome Will Do

These are the things my daughter, Adele, and her friends will do.

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1. Change the world

2. Impact lives

3. Smile

4. Love deeply

5. Join Special Olympics

6. Make friends

7. Go to school in a mainstream classroom

8. Volunteer

9. Get a job

10. Make others laugh

11. Teach the world about kindness, love and respect

12. Travel

13. Dance

14. Make the world a better place

15. Go to college

16. Date

17. Get in trouble

18. Tell jokes

19. Make us proud

20. Learn skills to live on their own

21. Talk back to their parents

22. Learn to drive a car

23. Experience ups and downs

24. Teach us to slow down

25. Show us true beauty

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26. Enjoy life

27. Create peace

28. Teach us about honesty

29. Hug with meaning

30.  Teach us that giving is better than receiving

31. Teach us how to care for others

32. Show us how to listen without judgement

33. Hard work always pays off

34. Just relax

35. Set no limits

36. Know anything is possible

37. Be genuine

38. Learn to say what you mean and mean what you say

39. Know that it can be done

40. Encourage us to find your our strengths and talents

41. Teach us about not judging others

42. Demonstrate unconditional love

43. Not doubt their abilities and capabilities

44. Realize life is pretty good

45. Value family and friends

46. Teach us to be patient

47. Show others life should be valued and lived to the fullest

48. Teach us to sit, look around, listen, talk, be a good friend

49. Play sports, join clubs, win awards, gossip with friends

50. Enrich our lives and those around us

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This post originally appeared on A Perfect Extra Chromosome.

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