This Punk Band of Musicians With Intellectual Disabilities May Soon Perform In Front of Millions

Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät, better known as PKN, is a Finnish punk band whose members are all middle-aged men with intellectual disabilities.


The band, formed in 2009, gained a lot of popularity after a documentary about them, called “The Punk Syndrome,” was released in Spring 2012.

The documentary followed band members Pertti Kurikka (guitar), Kari Aalto (vocals), Sami Helle (bass) and Toni Välitalo (drums) as they grappled with their newfound notoriety, as well as the challenges living with disability present.

We bring a different kind of perspective into punk music; it’s our perspective,” Helle, the band’s bassist, said in a press release. “We’re different, we’re four mentally handicapped guys so our perspective on the world of punk is a little different.”




Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 10.15.10 AM

Recently, PKN has made it to the Finnish qualification round of the widely-popular singing show, Eurovision Song Contest, the band’s management told The Mighty. If they win the national competition in February, they get to represent Finland at the Eurovision finals in Vienna in May.

The Eurovision Song Contest has been ongoing in Europe since 1956. It boasts an estimated 180 million viewers every year, according to its website.

Stay tuned to see if PKN makes it to the big stage this May.

Check out the official trailer to The Punk Syndrome below:

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