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Thousands of Soccer Fans Went Crazy When This Boy With Down Syndrome Took the Field

Jay Beatty, 10, from Armagh, Scotland, is a huge fan of Scottish soccer team, Celtic.

At a recent away game, Jay, who has Down syndrome, got to speak to the team before they took the field. Then he was given the opportunity to score a goal during half-time, Independent reported. In a heartwarming show of sportsmanship, all 6,007 fans present let out raucous applause for the delighted soccer fan.

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When Jay was born, we hoped and prayed that people would treat him with respect,” Martin Beatty, Jay’s father, posted on Facebook. “Because of his love of the greatest club in the world, his life has become a dream come true. We thought 2014 was just amazing but today was something else.”

Watch the crowd go wild in the video below: 

h/t Bleacher Report

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