Tim Tebow Is Planning a Love-Filled Event for People With Special Needs All Across the Country

With Valentine’s Day coming up, former NFL player Tim Tebow has made some special plans.

The Heisman Trophy-winner’s foundation is celebrating it’s five-year anniversary by organizing a prom-like night for people with special needs in up to 50 cities across the country, according to the Tim Tebow Foundation website. The event will take place on February 13 at churches all over the U.S.

Each church expects at least 100 attendees and will feature special luxuries like a red carpet entrance and limousine rides.

football player tim tebow

“Night to Shine,” as the event is called, is also being held at Amazing Grace International Ministries, in Nairobi, Kenya, and Ekisa Ministries, in Jinja, Uganda, Fox News reported.

We are so excited to be able to create this opportunity for thousands of people around the country with special needs,” Tebow said in a statement, the outlet reported. “This event perfectly fits our mission to bring faith, hope and love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need.”

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