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Watch These Actors With Special Needs Perform Alongside a Hollywood Icon

A troupe of actors with special needs now knows what it’s like to work alongside a famous Hollywood actor.

Hugh Grant recently took the stage as part of a collaboration with the Baked Bean Theatre Company, a theater group for actors with special needs, according to the BBC. The production, a version of “Romeo and Juliet,” is based on a book written by Grant and his friend, Nigel Hollins, who has a learning disability. In the play, Grant plays the friend of an actor with special needs who’s working up the confidence to initiate an acting career.

“I thought Kate, who plays Juliet, was completely brilliant,” Grant says of his costar, who has Down syndrome, in the video below. “She moves on stage way better than I move.”

See footage from the play and hear from the actors in the video below. 

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