Why My Daughter's Unusual Reaction to a Change in Plans Was a Big Deal

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 8.29.22 AM Life with my daughter, Bethany, is unfortunately not all roses and lollipops, that’s for sure! She has a tendency to be uncooperative, and she can throw some pretty mean and aggressive tantrums.

So it’s a major big deal when Bethany has an awesome minute of happiness and good behavior, let alone a whole weekend of pure stellar behavior bliss.

Let me tell ya, we don’t take good, happy moments with Bethany for granted, ever.

We celebrate every good and happy moment we happen to be blessed with.

This weekend was full of many such blissful moments, despite experiencing some near disastrous blunders cause by yours truly.

This weekend, Bethany managed a catastrophe well. In fact, she actually handled two catastrophes well.

On Sunday the plan was for Bethany’s aide, Kristin, to take her to the library and then to her special needs social group, Flash Club.

Except, I neglected to tell Kristin which library to go to. So naturally she took Bethany to the only one she knew existed, which was closed. She called me and I quickly told her which library to go to.

But then Bethany decided she didn’t want to go to the other library. She stubbornly dug in her heels and refused to budge off the closed library porch. She wanted to wait right there until it opened again… on Tuesday.

Thankfully, Dad just happened to drive by at the right time and saw Kristin trying to convince Bethany to get back in the car. They finally talked her into it and off they zoomed to the open library.

The fact that Bethany didn’t react to this unplanned incident by having a violent meltdown or a “stop and drop to the ground” moment is pretty phenomenal. She handled this glitch like a real trooper.

Later at Flash Club, Bethany experienced another glitch. I’d forgotten to pack her sneakers for basketball. All Bethany had to wear on her feet was snow boots. (I still can’t believe I forgot to send her sneakers with her!)

Her club leader just happened to have two pairs of sneakers with her and Bethany actually agreed to wear one of them — another unbelievable reaction.

Normally, unplanned changes in routine or incidents like these are catastrophic to Bethany and send her over the edge into despair and despondency.

But this time they didn’t. This time she handled them. This time she paused, took a deep breath and soldiered on.

This time she did not let a catastrophe ruin her life, hallelujah!

This post originally appeared on Faith, Hope and Love.

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