The Important Reason I Need to Thank My Daughter

On the day you were born you were placed in my arms, and I held you so very close, caressing your face. I kissed your sweet little baby nose.

At home I held you tight and rocked you in a warm embrace. Oh, how I loved kissing your kissable face.

Weeks and months went by so fast, as they always do, and I watched you grow. You crawled, you walked and climbed. You smiled at me when I’d say, “No.”

I heard you say, “Dada Dada… Mama Mama.” You loved to play peek-a-boo. You were our happy smiling baby; you’d giggle and laugh and then we would laugh too.

Then… I watched as you stopped looking at us; you didn’t want to be held or hugged or kissed at all. I watched you rock and bang your head, flap your arms, spin and twirl. You stopped saying “Dada Dada… Mama Mama,” and you became a different little girl.

I watch you now as you try so hard to get words out of your mouth that you just can’t say; you scream and cry and become frustrated at fighting so hard to find your way.

I miss hugging you, kissing your beautiful face and sweet baby nose, holding your hand and picking you up.

You’ve begun to let us in and become a part of your unique little world, and you’ve shown us that you are still our beautiful, happy, smiling baby girl.

You’ve taught me how to fight and use my own voice and to be your voice too. I’ve learned so much about life, love, patience and hope all because of you.

You came into this world early and fast, dancing to the beat of your own drum. I still can’t believe what a beautiful gift I’ve been given. Thank you for choosing me as your mom.


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