Yes, Autism Can Be Funny

cat the hat I have a 19-year-old with autism. He’s somewhat verbal now but uses a letter board and a scribe in college.

What I would tell myself if I could go back to the day we got the official diagnosis?

You were right.

Change that diet right now.

Start a campaign for permanent living for adults with autism.

Push for inclusion earlier with an aide.

Start the letter board at the HALO clinic at age 5 instead of age 12.

It’s going to be a long road.

Take time to do theatre, be creative; it will give you wings.

Worrying doesn’t fix it, and there is no magic cure.

Do what seems right. Ask a lot of questions.

Write down the funny things he says so you can one day write an “Autism is Funny” book because sometimes autism is funny! He’s so logical. “Matt your shorts are inside out.” “I’m gonna rock this town, rock it inside out,” he says back. Yes, autism can be funny.

I’ve cried too many tears and likely have many more to cry. But in the end, autism will be my life’s purpose, and we will both laugh at what a crazy ride it’s been.

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