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Cancer Survivor Is Giving Away the Ultimate Treatment Planner

Julie Grimm After undergoing surgeries for a brain tumor and breast cancer, Julie Grimm created the complete planner she would have wanted through her treatment years. Grimm designed Ready for Recovery to help cancer patients stay organized and empowered during the most daunting moments.

“As with most things, once you’ve been through something once, the next time is always easier,” Grimm told The Mighty. “That’s the intention of the planner, to offer those insights so it will be easier and you feel more supported.”

Grimm made sure the planner prevents mistakes she encountered during her cancer treatment — one of her biggest missteps was choosing a plastic surgeon who wasn’t covered by insurance. “Somehow it slipped through the cracks. That shouldn’t happen to someone with the planner,” she said. “It’s a reminder throughout each section.”

Grimm also wishes she had the planner’s medicine log and its “thoughts pages filled with little gems” from those who survived cancer.

“Just knowing what to expect would have also taken a lot of my fear away,” she told The Mighty. “The unknown is really scary.”

Grimm is graciously giving Mighty readers the chance to win a planner: a two-piece cancer planner or a two-piece breast cancer planner. The planners make a meaningful gift for a friend or family member living with a cancer diagnosis.

Here’s how to enter: Post a comment on this article. For the breast cancer planner, include the hashtag #fightbreastcancer in your comment. For the cancer planner, use the hashtag #fightcancer in your comment. You can also enter by tweeting the article with the designated hashtag and tagging @themightysite. A winner will be notified via direct message on Facebook or Twitter.

Here are the two planner sets: 

2-piece cancer treatment planner

2-piece cancer planner ($49.99)  

This Cancer Planner is a leather notebook to be taken to every appointment. There’s a specific place for tracking everything from diagnosis, pathology, blood work and treatment protocols to appointments, nutritional recommendations and questions.

The Planner includes:

  • a year of calendar pages
  • specific sections for cancer treatment types
  • logs to manage and track cancer side effects
  • complementary and follow up sections
  • medication, chemo and radiation logs
  • helpful hints and inspirational thoughts
  • a place for questions, notes and information
  • a business card holder, CD pocket and receipt pouch

The Cancer Journal is a safe and comforting place to express your feelings along the way.

2-piece breast cancer planner ($49.99) 

2-piece breast cancer planner set

Entries are accepted until the end of February 2015. Multiple entries will be void. Fine-print, official rules can be read here. This offer is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by or associated with Facebook.

For every planner purchased, a portion of the proceeds will go to cancer support.

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