24 Mighty Kids Prove You Can Say ‘I Love You’ Without Words

Words are overrated. At The Mighty, we know there are so many ways to express yourself without speaking. We wanted to know how your children and loved ones say “I love you” nonverbally, so we asked our readers to share some of their stories.

Here’s what you had to say:

1. “He used to take my face in his hands and put his head on mine and stare right into my eyes. His eyes said it all.” — Kate Sytsma

Andrew and Caelum Sytsma

2. “She drops her head on my shoulder and holds for a few seconds. Then pops up, looks at me and smiles. I know exactly what she is saying.” — Christine Aguirrie Wingfield

3. “She plays peek-a-boo with me with her precious blankie, and when she covers my face with it, she leans in and touches her head to mine with the blanket between us.” — Melissa Cote

4.  “She smiles with her entire body.” — Lacey Smith

Savannah Mae and Lacy Smith

5“When I’m not feeling well he always sits next to me, on my feet or crawls onto my lap (even though he’s the same size as me). Then he sings me pretty songs, just like I do to him. Everything he does just shows me how much he loves me. I’ve been longing to hear the words again since his last seizure seven years ago when his speech got set back again. But I think his actions speak louder than any words. His eyes and smile light up even my worst days.” — Cristin Nesius

6. “I was crying the other day after a frustrating, rough tantrum afternoon. She climbed in my lap, put her arms around my neck and patted my cheeks with sweet toddler hands.” — Shannon Rudolph White



7. He lunges into my chest when I’m holding him and snuggles in!” — Angela Rae Rosenberg

8. “He not only lets me hold his hand, he holds on tighter than I do.” — Stacy’s Thirty-One

9. “Everyday he walks out of school and the minute he sees me waiting there in the car his whole face lights up. Makes my day.” — Judy Pamer

10. “She runs to me with a big grin and wraps her arms around my leg. Or puts her head on my shoulder.” – Angela Haynes

Ellie Haynes

11. “Little pats, with sticky chubby hands. Little scoots on the couch to be near you. Little squishes of his cheek to yours complete with a slurpey smacking sound!” — Sherry C.

12. “He moves his lips. It’s his attempt to give me a kiss.” — Priscilla Zahner Rosenlund

13. Her giggles. It’s like the sun coming out of the rain.” — Maggie Fluck

Rachel and Maggie Fluck

14. “Lays his head in my shoulder and then gives me a kiss. It’s a really gross, slobbery, open-mouthed baby kiss… but I love it.” — Erika Chwalik

15. “He’ll lay down, and pat the bed for me to lay down next to him, and when I do he’ll put his big arm (he has one “little” arm and one “big arm”) around my neck and snuggle me in close. Or I’ll pick him up, and he’ll put his head down on my shoulder and run his fingers through my hair. He’s 2 and it makes my heart melt every time.” — Kristin Calkin

16. “He grabs my face with his little hands and touches his sweet little nose to mine.” — Tammy Ellis Humphrey

17. “When I pick her up at school or when I come home from work and she sees me, she starts jumping up and down in the same spot with the biggest smile on her face. After like 15-20 seconds, she comes hopping towards me and gives me the best hug ever.” — Lorena Villalobos

Florencia and Lorena Villalobos

18. “When friends/family come over, he hides their shoes so they can’t leave. We call it ‘I love you’ in ‘Jeremy-ese.'” — Diane Kim

19. “She lays her head on my shoulder or touches her forehead to mine.” — Melinda Brown

Lila and Melinda Brown

20. He lets me hold him and sing ‘Rock-a-bye-baby.’ He sits only long enough to let me sing it then he’s off.” – Adrianne Margarito

21. “When we sit together, he puts his little hand on my arm. While he’s eating or watching TV, he just sits connected with me. Sometimes he just looks up and pats me. He just checks in on me sometimes – at some level, he knows we are in this together – that it’s me and him against the world.” — Jennifer Thompson

22. “No words, just lots of smiles and cuddles.” — Gloria Payne Bearne


23. “He’ll walk up right behind me and hug me when I’m cleaning or doing dishes. It’s my favorite.” — Jennie Duncan

24. “Grabbing me for a hug when she intuitively knows I need one.” – Robin Brodsky Curtin

What are some ways your loved one says ‘I love you’ without using words? Let us know in the comments below. 

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