Her Incredible Performance Defied the Odds (And Wowed Judges on ‘The Voice’)

On Monday night, Treeva Gibson, 16, from Frederick, Maryland, moved to the next round of competition on NBC’s singing show, “The Voice.” In the video below, she performs a stirring rendition of Lana Del Rey’s song “Young and Beautiful.

Gibson has cultivated her love of singing despite the fact that her parents are both deaf. She herself lives with mild hearing-loss. “Treeva wants to show the world that even if you have a disability, you can still do what you love!” her bio on NBC’s website reads.

Her performance caused judges Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton to turn their chairs around, giving her a choice between the two. Ultimately she selected Aguilera as her coach, using sign language to convey her decision to her parents backstage.

Watch her performance in the video below: 

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