Here’s to Celebrating the Successes, No Matter How Small

Today was a day of successes. Little ones, but big to us.

First thing this morning, when I’d just gotten home from dropping my son, TJ, off at school, the phone rang.

“Mom,” TJ said, “Dad gave me the wrong snack!”

This has resulted in meltdowns and ruined days before, so I braced myself.

“Oh no, buddy! Can you eat it anyway?”

“No way. It’s Cheez-its.”

His normal snack is cheddar Goldfish. Totally different shape.

“Ok T, I’ll grab some Goldfish and be right there. I’ll come to the office, OK?”

“OK. Bye, Mom.”

When I got to the office with Goldfish in hand, I waited a few minutes. When TJ came in, he was fully dressed in his gym clothes.

He has the knobbiest knees ever, by the way. Like baby horse legs. But the best part about it? He was all smiles.


He said, “Thanks, Mom!” as he grabbed his snack bag. Then he smiled again, turned and left.

It took me a minute to realize that was it. No tears. No harsh words. No signs of stress.

No meltdowns.

I was so happy I almost skipped back to the car. Not really — because I’m 45, and that would have looked stupid. Plus, I most likely would have found a way to completely wipe out on the ice.

Anyway, it was a success.

We would have two more successes later in the day, too. TJ cooked his own dinner while I was at Zumba. Then we had a verbal exchange that sounded downright typical of any 14-year-old and his mom.

It was a good day. A very good day.

Hooray for the good days!

This post originally appeared on I Don’t Have a Job.

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