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How My Daughter’s Genetic Condition Made Me Stop and Notice the World

Hey, big girl.

I wanted to tell you that the other day I saw some college students pushing one of their friends in a wheel chair. I watched as they wheeled him past me, and I tried not to stare, but it made me proud.

And then this week I saw a woman in Target who had a disability. She was making her way through her grocery list and had a friend there to help. It was hard for her, but she was doing it. One item at a time, she was getting what she needed.

Seeing them made me think about their journey — the things they’ve had to try hard at and the things they’ve overcome. I thought about their mamas and how they must have held them close like I hold you.

Emmy, you know how Mama told you that having you makes me stop and notice the world? There are things that, in my hurrying, I never noticed before. But now… now I treasure new things. New people. See, Em? You’re already changing me.


I know that people notice you. They notice how you draw them in with your sparkly eyes. They notice how you say “Hi” (already!) and how you reach out your tiny hand for theirs. They notice how you make them forget there are hard things we will have to conquer.

But you’re doing it, Em! You’re moving and getting stronger, you’re babbling and even saying some words. You’re standing with our help, trying new food, being silly on purpose and pushing your brother away when you’re mad. You’re trying new things and cheering yourself on. There is a strength you’re discovering and my cup overflows. How could I be so blessed?

Keep going, Emmy. You’re doing so well.

This post originally appeared on Dear Emmy.

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