Julianne Moore’s Oscar Speech Is a Win for Alzheimer’s Awareness

Last night, Julianne Moore took home the Best Actress in a Leading Role Academy Award for her performance in “Still Alice.” In the film, Moore’s character, a renowned professor, faces a devastating diagnosis of younger-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

I’m so happy, I’m thrilled, actually, that we were able to hopefully shine a light on Alzheimer’s disease,” Moore says in her acceptance speech below. “So many people with this disease feel isolated and marginalized, and one of the wonderful things about movies is that they make us feel seen and not alone. People with Alzheimer’s deserve to be seen, so that we can find a cure.”

Moore’s speech, as well as the film, will help draw attention to the debilitating disease, which currently over 5 million Americans are living with, according to the Alzheimer’s Association.


Watch the trailer here, or go here to read more about oscar-nominated films depicting disability and disease.

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