This Up-and-Coming Comedian Delivers His Punchlines Without Saying a Word

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 1.54.34 PM This uproarious stand-up comedian from the U.K. doesn’t even need to open his mouth to get an audience to double over laughing.

Lee Ridley, 34, who lives in Newcastle, U.K., was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when he was six months old, and his mouth and tongue muscles are too weak for him to speak, The Global Post reported. But this hasn’t held him back in the comedy world: Ridley, who uses a voice app on an iPad mini to deliver his jokes, booked his first gig early in 2012 and has gone on to perform in comedy festivals throughout the U.K. In December 2014, he received the BBC New Comedy Award, which includes a development deal with the network to produce his own radio pilot, GiggleBeats reported.

Ridley, aka “Lost Voice Guy,” doesn’t shy away from lightheartedly poking fun of his disability.

“Let me test your powers of observation. Raise your hand if you can tell that I have a slight disability,” Ridley, or rather, a mechanical voice from the speakers, says to an audience in the video below. The crowd erupts with laughter, and Ridley grins as he delivers the punchline: “It’s the hair, isn’t it? It’s a dead giveaway, really. Or maybe, it’s the shoes?”

Watch Ridley receive the 2014 BBC New Comedy Award and catch some hilarious footage from his shows in the video below. 

Feature image from Lost Voice Guy’s Facebook page.

To see more of Lost Voice Guy’s sidesplitting performances and get information about tour dates, visit his website.

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