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14 Different Ways I Can Define My Son's Breathing Disorder

1. Laryngomalacia — a diagnosis I found on my own while arguing with doctors that my sweet 7-day-old son shouldn’t be breathing like he was .

2. Laryngomalacia — a diagnosis my son was given at just 14-days-old. We were told this was “harmless,” and “He will outgrow it.”

3. Laryngomalacia — a diagnosis that caused by sweet 21-day-old baby boy to have surgery that led to further complications.

4. Laryngomalacia — a diagnosis that caused him to be put on two monitors because he stops breathing every single night and can’t maintain his oxygen levels.

5. Laryngomalacia — a diagnosis that caused our 6-year-old to watch her baby brother turn blue, stop breathing and spend countless days in the hospital.

6. Laryngomalacia — a diagnosis that has led to us watching or son 24/7. We are sleep deprived, stressed and angry.

7. Laryngomalacia — a diagnosis that caused our son to go through more tests, needles, sedation, pain and difficulty breathing than any child should ever have to endure.

8. Laryngomalacia — a diagnosis that led us to tracheomalacia, innominate artery compression syndrome, aortic stenosis, severe reflux, tachypnea, obstructive apnea, cyanosis and asthma.

9. Laryngomalacia — A diagnosis that causes us to spend much of our son’s first year in different specialist offices while they try to figure him out.

10. Laryngomalacia — A diagnosis that causes my husband and I to join together and support each other through the toughest of times.

11. Laryngomalacia — A diagnosis that made me realize I am a very good mom and, I believe, the mom God chose for Elijah.

12. Laryngomalacia — A diagnosis that has taught us not to take anything for granted. Every single breath that we breathe is a precious gift.

13. Laryngomalacia — A diagnosis that does not define our son or hold him back. I believe that he has shown the world that  he is a great fighter because of the will and power of God inside him.

14. Laryngomalacia — A diagnosis we know we will be fighting for some time, but we are not afraid. Because we have a superhero on our hands.

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