21 Words That Perfectly Describe My Daughter With Down Syndrome

In honor of World Down Syndrome Day (March 21, to represent Trisomy 21), I’ve come up with 21 words that describe my daughter, Willow, who happens to have Down syndrome. You might notice these words could apply to anybody. Which just goes to show, Willow might have an extra chromosome, but she’s not that different from you and me.

1) Beautiful

2) Stubborn

3) Goofy

4) Curious

5) Outgoing

6) Flexible

7) Opinionated

8) Happy

9) Mischievous

10) Persevering

11) Thoughtful

12) Cuddly

13) Loving

14) Crafty

15) Mobile

16) Strong

17) Unique

18) Intuitive

19) Tender

20) Mighty

21) Loved


This post originally appeared on The Mighty Willow.

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