25 People Remind Us There's More to Cerebral Palsy Than Meets the Eye

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When People Ask If It's Fair to Expect My Children to Take Care Of Their Brother

For my husband and I to get away on a little vacation, we had to arrange care for our 28-year-old son. Born with a diaphragmatic hernia discovered after a complicated birth, he experienced brain damage, leaving him with cerebral palsy. He’s our fourth son and our sixth and last child. His older siblings ranged in ages [...]

Dear Cerebral Palsy, This Is Why I Love You

Dear Cerebral Palsy, I both love and hate you. I hate you because you make my life difficult. Every day I’m faced with challenges because of you. I have to leave class five minutes early at school just to make sure other kids don’t knock me off balance. I have a hard time with stairs [...]

These Are All the Things My Son's Autism and Cerebral Palsy Robbed From Me

Dear Autism and Cerebral Palsy, I’ve been meaning to write to you for quite some time, but thanks to you two, I’ve been pretty busy (as you can imagine). Over the years I’ve cursed at you, yelled at you, cried at you and tried my best to understand you. The more I’ve learned about you, [...]
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How I Learned to Set Different Benchmarks for My Son

Learning your baby suffered a brain injury is a devastating and confusing experience. When we got the results of Joshua’s MRI, we were told that though it was possible for some children to “beat the odds” and have no lasting problems following a brain injury, they didn’t expect that for Joshua. We questioned them about what sort of [...]