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25 People Remind Us There's More to Cerebral Palsy Than Meets the Eye

The Mighty wanted to give people affected by the cerebral palsy a chance to clarify common misconceptions about the disability. So we and asked readers this question: “What’s one thing you wish people knew about cerebral palsy?

Here are some responses:

quote from Jessica Coles: 'Cerebral palsy presents itself differently in every person and leads to a whole spectrum of capabilities.'

quote from Tina S. Burris: 'The more you teach and care for people with cerebral palsy, the more they can do.'

quote from Stephanie Branscum: 'No matter how 'normal' my child looks, he still has trouble sometimes. Don't judge other parents before knowing the situation.'

quote from Cindy Starkey: 'Life with cerebral palsy doesn't end after age 21.'

quote from Donna M. Spears: 'It is not contagious!'

quote from Sara Crippen: 'I am not diseased. I am not broken.'

quote from Shanna Hawthorne Guy: 'Just because a person uses a wheelchair doesn't mean he or she learns any differently.'

quote from Jean Bodkins: 'There's a person trapped in that body who has feelings and just wants to be included.'

quote from Wendy Denise Sanders: 'It doesn't matter how mild cerebral palsy is - it's still cerebral palsy.'

quote from Kelie Keiffer-Johnson: 'Sometimes the disability they can't see is way worse than the physical disabilities they can see.'

quote from Jennifer Wagner Bagetis: 'I'd like people to speak to my son and not to me about my son. He deserves to be heard and addressed directly.'

quote from Donna Nixten Smith: 'There's little funding out there for cerebral palsy research.'

quote from Margaret Peggy Warfle: 'Cerebral palsy is not a disease, and it cannot be cured.'

quote from Cynthia Adams McGrath: 'You're not cerebral palsy. You're a person with cerebral palsy. The person should always come first!'

quote from Ana Karenine Bessa De Queiroz Contreiras: 'The brain of someone with cerebral palsy is not paralyzed.'

quote from Sophie Jones: 'Not all people with cerebral palsy have to be in a wheelchair.'

quote from Daniel Gardner: 'Cerebral palsy doesn't make you less of a person.'

quote from Hope for HIE foundation: 'Kids with cerebral palsy may have some extra challenges, but at the end of the day, they're still kids.'

quote from Jennifer Eaton Armbruster: 'Cerebral palsy is not necessarily an intellectual disability.'

quote from Jill McCleary Bayley: 'People with cerebral palsy have worked so hard to get to their current level of ability.'

quote from Morgan Winston: 'It is not a doom sentence!'

quote from Michelle Kruse: 'There are programs that help people with cerebral palsy stay active to the best of their abilities.'

quote from Hope Cornelison: 'If someone with cerebral palsy is unable to communicate, it doesn't mean he or she doesn't understand what's going on.'

quote from Sahida Luquin: 'Living with cerebral palsy should not keep you from reaching your badass potential!'

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