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Down Syndrome, You Deserve a Better Reputation

Dear Down Syndrome,

When we first met, I wasn’t your biggest fan. You see, I didn’t know much about you. I only knew what I had heard over the years and WOW… you really have a bad reputation! All this talk about health problems and delays – Down syndrome, you deserve better. Sure you have your bad side, but deep down, you’re such a blessing to have around.

You’ve challenged Khalil in many ways, and we’ve had to modify things a bit to get Khalil where he is today, but we’ve celebrated so much along the way.

alicia demoranville khalil

Every milestone, every “a-ha” moment is a cause for celebration. You don’t really get that with typical development. What a great way to go through this life, with your own cheerleading squad – one that will never let you fall!

You’ve given back to the community. There is nowhere that I go alone that I am not asked where Khalil is. Everyone loves him. Everyone looks forward to seeing his smile, hearing one of his stories, or watching him twirl around the coffee shop lobby!

I often joke that Khalil has more friends than I do, but really it’s the truth. He brightens people’s lives.

Best of all, you’ve given me the one thing everyone prays for at night: time. Childhood goes by so fast, but by slowing things down just a bit, you’ve blessed me with the opportunity to be able to enjoy each and every aspect of Khalil’s development.

alicia demoranville khalil down syndrome

Because of you, Down syndrome, I have met the most amazing people – of course, you know them all, too! They are part of the squad – the other families you’ve touched, therapists, doctors… they’ve shared their knowledge of you along the way, and we’re connected in that way.

We want better for you, Down syndrome. We want to see you have the reputation you deserve.

We love having you around.

With gratitude,

Alicia Lyn

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