The Keen Senses of a Boy With Autism May Have Saved a Man’s Life

Chase Faulingham was out walking with his grandfather in their neighborhood in the Halifax area of Nova Scotia, Canada when he heard a noise. The 5-year-old, who has autism, has only just begun to speak, but when he sensed something was wrong, he used his communication skills to compel his grandfather to stop. Even when his grandfather didn’t hear anything.

He heard a noise, and he said, ‘Stop,’ so we stopped,” Thomas Murray, Chase’s grandfather, says in the video below. “I didn’t hear anything, so we took a couple steps forward. [He said,] ‘No, Poppa Jim, listen! Listen! Help!'”

Turns out, Chase really did hear something. He and his grandfather climbed up a snowbank that had piled on the side of the road to find an injured man lying semiconscious on the other side, CTV News reported. They called an ambulance and waited with the man for it to arrive.

Chase’s community is hailing him as a hero, but no one is more proud of him than his mother, Jamie MacKinnon. “People, when they see a special needs child, seem to put limits on him,” MacKinnon says in the video below. “It just goes to show that he’s a healthy little 5-year-old boy.”

Hear more about Chase’s story in the video below.

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