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Why I Want the World to See My Daughter's Experiences With Autism

There was a woman who ostracized me for not keeping my child private. But yet she posted the video on her page along with many other articles of other children with disabilities all over her page. Why did she single me out? I don’t know. But I stopped and thought about it.

This is why I “real share”: autism isn’t going anywhere, and awareness is needed as numbers rise. How will people become aware if they don’t really see it? It’s not like Rain Man or any other stereotypes that autistic people get… I show and keep it real! And I don’t feel like I’m doing my job as my daughter’s advocate if I don’t keep it real!

I’m not afraid. I posted two awareness videos, and one of them helped a mother see that her child was like mine and, after seeing my video, she’s now getting her daughter evaluated. I’m about EI Awareness and if I can help one parent get his or her child evaluated, it’s worth it.

So, no, I’m not scared. I was at first and debated whether or not to post, but when it was published, parents were thanking me and saying they felt alone and that my video made them feel like they were not so alone. Before my page, that’s how I felt… alone. Now I’m not. I’m helping people and it’s helping me. I’m spreading awareness!

I have a college student doing a Powerpoint presentation on Zoey’s video singing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” to help bring awareness about music therapy. I show it ALL! Why? Because I’m an advocate, and not just for my child… for every child. If we all just hide away without showing the reality of autism, then we are not advocating awareness.

Autism is here… it’s real… and it’s time to accept it!

I share it all for her. I want her to look back and see how she fought and how truly amazing she is. Yes, there are times of frustration or meltdowns… but then there are the moments that I can watch over and over and cry because my severely nonverbal child sang “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.”

That gives me hope and I want others to see it and have that same hope!

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