I Don't Want to Change Her, But...

Recently, my amazing husband wrote a poem “I Don’t Want to Change Her, But…”

It’s pretty awesome. Today, we got a bit creative:

I Don’t Want to Change Her, But…

This is not the way I’d thought I’d start,
To share this message from my heart.
A question asked from my little buddy
That left Dad feeling somewhat cruddy!

The little voice asked as we left home,
“Does anyone wish Eden didn’t have Down syndrome?”
Mom jumped straight in, with “No way, no how!”
While my heart dropped low, and my head took a bow.

Now before you say, “Well, that’s just not right!”
And before you try to pick a fight,
I love Eden Rose more than anyone.
And I hope you understand this when I’m done.

My little girl had all of my heart,
From the get go, right from the start.
She had me wrapped ’round her little finger,
That’s why the pain of this question will linger.

There is nothing to change, not one little thing.
She’s my angel, my dream, she makes my heart sing.
She’s funny, loving, determined and sneaky.
She’s strong, fierce and a whole heap of cheeky!

Her love is bold, pure and true.
Accepting of others, yes even you!
This world unfortunately won’t always see this.
She’ll bear the brunt of those who “take the piss.”

The thought of this cuts deep for me.
The father’s heart wants to protect, you see.
I would give all I have and then some,
To save her from other people’s dumb.

Saving from all that hurts or scars,
And to set her high among the stars
A love so deep, it wants to shield her pain
To keep her away from others’ stain.

I don’t feel this way from a diagnosis;
It’s this broken world that brings my prognosis.
The fear of “different” that eats away,
It stops us from just saying “G’day.”

There is nothing here that you can catch.
But a beautiful relationship just might hatch!
If you stop for a moment and truly see,
It’s not the “dis” but the ability.

My angel was sent to me from above,
To show us what it means to love.
So after all this, it’s not her, it’s us
We need to change our prejudice.

— Colin Usher


This post originally appeared on Life With Eden.

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