Watch These Newborn Preemie Twins Do Something Incredible in Their Father’s Arms

These twins prove you’re never too young for a little human connection and sibling love.

Kristian Ian Rushford and Kristiana Micaela Rushford were born 11 weeks premature in Melbourne, Australia, to Anthea Jackson-Rushford and her husband Glen, the Daily Mail reported. They only weighted about 2 pounds each but the two formed an immediate bond.

Recently, Jackson-Rushford caught a beautiful moment between the two of them on video — while snuggling against their father’s chest, they held hands.

The video, posted to YouTube earlier this month, has already been viewed nearly 225,000 times. Jackson-Rushford has since also posted a photo of the twins holding hands to her Facebook page.


“He actually holds her hand,” Jackson-Rushford can be heard saying in the video below. “How is that possible? That’s just unbelievable.”

“It’s like he’s going, ‘I’ve got you,’ her husband responds.

See the incredible moment in the video below:

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