Legoland to Make Park More Sensory-Friendly for Kids With Autism

Today Legoland Florida announced they are partnering with Autism Speaks to make the amusement park and resort in Winter Haven, Florida, a more sensory-friendly place for children on the spectrum.

The park is currently installing “a large panel of hands-on, sensory-stimulating activities in a quiet space,” according to a blog post on the Legoland Florida website. The park will also have designated “quiet rooms,” online illustrations of park attractions so parents can plan ahead, and park maps will be designed specifically for guests with special needs.

Workers at Legoland Florida build a sensory panel for children on the autism spectrum. This is just one of the many improvements they're making to the park as part of their partnership with Autism Speaks.
Workers building the sensory panel at Legoland Florida

A sensory panel for children on the autism spectrum at Legoland Florida's theme park. This is just one of the many improvements they're making to the park as part of their partnership with Autism Speaks.

Park employees will receive bi-annual training with Autism Speaks staff and volunteers, and new hires will receive educational material about autism, reported the Orlando Sentinel.

Autism Speaks applauds the efforts of Legoland Florida Resort to provide special accommodations so that guests on the autism spectrum can maximize their park experience,” Karen Bacharach, senior director of Autism Speaks, told The Mighty.

“We’re helping ensure that our resort is truly built for all kids,” Rex Jackson, the resort’s director of marketing & sales, told the Orlando Sentinel.

In addition to that, in honor of World Autism Awareness Day on April 2, the park will be participating in the “Light It Up Blue” campaign by shining blue spotlights on their entrance arch.

Legoland Florida lights up the entrance arch of their Winter Haven, Florida park blue for World Autism Awareness Day.
A trio of children play with Lego characters at the Legoland Florida park in Winter Haven, Florida

All images courtesy of Chip Litherland Photography Inc. and Legoland 

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