Blind Man Files Lawsuit Against McDonald's Drive-Thru Policy

A lawsuit against McDonald’s is alleging that the fast-food giant’s drive-thru policies violate Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Plantiff Scott Magee, a resident of Louisiana who is blind, visited a McDonald’s franchise on foot one night in August 2015. Finding that the restaurant’s lobby was closed for the night, Magee sought service from the drive-thru. According to his suit, attendants “refused service to him, laughed, and told him to go away.”

Magee believes this constitutes discrimination, saying in his suit that “blind people must hope for a companion with a car or paid taxi services to assist them in selecting and purchasing McDonald’s food.”

Magee and his lawyer, New Orleans-based Roberto Luis Costales, filed a class-action lawsuit against McDonald’s Thursday in Chicago’s federal court.

According to the suit, the burger chain shows no “concern whatsoever for the accessibility of the late-night drive-thrus to the disabled.”

Neither McDonald’s nor Costales, responded to The Mighty’s request for comment.

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