I'm Not Worried About Employers Finding Something Wrong With the Way I Speak

Speaking over the phone is difficult for me because I stutter 10 times more than I usually do. Having to do phone interviews for jobs isn’t easy, but I do them because I refuse to back down from something I want.

I’m not worried about employers finding something wrong with the way I speak. I just pray they’ll have a compassionate heart and allow me to offer their company what I know I can give them.

The reason I don’t tell employers in advance that I stutter is because I want to be given a fair chance to do the interview. I’d rather the employer find out I stutter once he or she hears me.

Out of all the phone interviews I’ve done, only one employer was truly mean to me. Not understanding what I was saying, the employer laughed at me and told me she would email me because she couldn’t understand what I was saying. Taking this situation with a positive attitude, I agreed to further communicate via email. The employer never emailed me. When I emailed the employer about finishing our conversation, she never responded.

Did I feel bad about what happened? No.

I don’t let people’s negative responses to my stutter get me down anymore. I just feel sad for stutterers who don’t have a thick skin because I know that a lot of us think poorly of ourselves when others are mean to us about the way we talk.

To the employer who laughed at me and ignored me as if I don’t have a heart, I forgive you.

I once told a friend this story, and she suggested I have my sister do my phone interviews. I felt completely disrespected by the comment. That’s not support. I know she didn’t mean any harm, but statements like this are basically asking me to silence my voice.

If you have a friend who stutters, be encouraging. And don’t give advice geared toward them shutting down their voice.

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