I Did It! My First Commerical as a Stutterer

As someone who was afraid for people to hear me stutter, I’m still shocked I put myself in front of a camera for the world to hear my speech disorder.

Dariel in her car When I was approached by the YMCA to be a part of their commercial on the behalf of announcing a recently opened gym, I was honored that they thought of me to be a part of their special moment. When I was first asked to do the commercial, a thought popped up in my mind that said, “You cannot do this, for you will humiliate yourself in front of thousands of viewers because you speak funny.” I pushed that thought back, and I responded to it by saying, “This is what I want to do, and I will not allow for stuttering to steal my moment.”

I didn’t allow fear to win because I am one of many who represents those who have a disorder and disability. The more people like me take on roles in the media, the more  people like us will be offered opportunities in film.

I wasn’t thinking only about myself while filming my scenes. I was thinking about how me putting myself out there will help other stutterers as well to not only be granted roles, but to be bold speakers in front of many people. I look forward to doing more work that shows although us stutterers stutter, it is worthwhile to listen to us.

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