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5 Tips for a (Comfy) Spoonie Movie Night

With winter fast approaching, it’s becoming the season for cuddles, hot chocolate, and staying inside to binge-watch movies. The thing is, seemingly simple things like this can be a bit more complicated for chronic illness warriors (a.k.a spoonies). Depending on what battle you’re fighting, there can be anything from diet restrictions to light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, and more. The list goes on, and it’s important to think about these things ahead of time. When sharing your night in with a significant other or friend, let them know what you need ahead of time so you can both have fun.

Here are five tips to having an enjoyable “spoonie” movie night:

1. Alert your significant other/friend to any diet restrictions you may have and allow time beforehand to go to the store. Make sure to stock up on some of your favorite health-conscious treats as well as something for whoever is joining you. What’s a movie night without something yummy to snack on, right?

2. Pick a movie that you can both enjoy. If strobe lights, certain sounds or themes are triggers for you, do your best to avoid them. It might take a few minutes, but doing some research online regarding the content of the movie can help to avoid a disaster.

3. Set a bedtime. No, we aren’t toddlers, but it’s important that our bodies and minds get the rest they need. Sure, staying up into the early hours of the morning can be fun, but what’s your body going to be saying the next day? Maybe something along the lines of “I’m so tired” or “Seriously? You want me to function right now?” Set your body up for success and give it the best chance you can to get through the following day.

4. If you’re spending the night with a significant other, they may want to cuddle up with you. Some “spoonies” deal with touch sensitivity, so if touch hurts, let your SO know! There’s nothing wrong with saying, “Please no cuddling tonight, my body isn’t up for it right now.” It’s OK if they don’t understand right away, but explain to them that it’s a matter of comfort and that you’d actually feel better without the cuddles. You don’t have to suck it up to please the other person, and it’s good to listen and respect what your body is saying. Remember, there are ways to show affection other than by touch.

5. Have fun! You deserve to have a break and a bit of an escape from the daily grind of chronic illness. No, you unfortunately can’t jump out of your body until you’re ready to come back, but losing yourself in a movie will, hopefully, help you escape for a bit.

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5 Tips for a (Comfy) Spoonie Movie Night