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A Letter to High School Special Education Teachers

To all high school special education teachers,

Based on my experience in high school, I hope you will keep some things in mind when it comes to your students. 

I hope you will treat your students well. And if you work with other kids outside your classes in extracurricular activities, I hope you will treat them well. 

I hope you won’t yell at your students if they have problems but instead try to understand first what they may be going through in their lives. If they have behavior challenges, calmly talk to them about their behaviors. 

I hope you will prepare your students for college by giving them the proper courses needed for that. 

I hope you have an understanding of what it takes to be a special education teacher. I hope you will stick up for your students if they are being bullied by other students or even other teachers or school staff. 

Most of all, I hope you will help them enjoy their high school experience, and hopefully they will not be miserable in high school like I was. Help them enjoy their high school experience.

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