Live Video: Chanel White - Scleroderma

Live Q&A with Mighty contributor Chanel White about her experiences with scleroderma.

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To the People Who Only See Me on My Bad Days

Recently, I’ve noticed how my pain has made me such a negative and bitter person, and that’s the last thing I want to be. Sometimes, I’m not aware of my attitude because I’m more focused on how severe my pain is at the moment. My good days aren’t as frequent as the bad ones, but [...]
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My ‘Diagnosis Day’ That Didn’t Involve a Doctor

For  those who have ever been diagnosed with any serious chronic illness or disease, I’ve been wondering when we actually “get” our diagnosis. I certainly recall the day I was given my diagnosis. My specialist phoned me with some results and gently informed me I had systemic scleroderma. To be frank, I was relieved. Finally, they [...]

My Favorite Way to Answer 'So, How Are You?' as Someone With Chronic Illness

Recently I have made an important discovery… and here it is: To anyone other than me, the details about injections, drugs, latest conversations with the cardiologist and how my body has been reacting to the latest immuno-suppressant are totally boring. I watch as their eyes glaze over and the frozen expression of interest is carefully arranged [...]

To the People Who Think My Chemo Isn’t ‘Real’

When you hear the word “chemotherapy,” what immediately comes to mind? Cancer. Bald. Nausea. Vomiting. Infusions. Sterility.  Upon hearing that word, most people jump to the same conclusions with the same general consensus on how chemo works, who receives it and what side effects it has on the body. The truth is, chemotherapy isn’t just [...]