Live Video: Juliette Virzí - Depression and College

Juliette Virzí is a writer and mental health advocate, and an intern at The Mighty.

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10 Secrets I've Never Told About My Depression

1. I think about suicide every single day. It is pretty much a constant thought. I try not to dwell on it, and I actively resist making any plans. No matter how hard I try, though, it’s always there. I feel like your lives would improve if mine ended. I hate what my illness is [...]
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10 Things Not to Say to Someone With Depression

Depression is not an easy thing to live it. Combined with anxiety, it can be immobilizing and even cause major disruptions in people’s lives. Although depression is an unpleasant thing to have, what is even worse is when someone who does not understand it makes a comment about it. Here are 10 things people have [...]
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Why I'm Celebrating Missing Class

I just missed English class for the third time in a row. Most college students would view this as a sign of failure, but I’m proud of myself, at least for today. Instead of going to class, I stood in line in the dining hall, walked back to my dorm, ate a chicken salad, and [...]
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When the Darkness of Depression Knocks

I used to be the happy little girl everyone loved to be around. I always had a smile on my face no matter what was going on because there was always something that was good. Even in awful situations I would find the bright side. My teachers used to say I was the light bulb [...]