Geneieve M. Goetz - Chronic Lyme Disease Warrior

Genevieve M. Goetz is a yoga teacher and writer who lives with chronic Lyme disease.

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Katie Kreitzer - Chronic Lyme Disease

Meet the Mighty: Katie is an intern at The Mighty and a student at the University of Southern California. She lives with chronic neurological Lyme disease.

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Stacey Philpot is an author who lives with chronic Lyme disease.
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When I Learned to Make Compromises Because of My Lyme Disease

I’ve always put my family first. I attended every volleyball, cheerleading game and band concert my children had. I played games with them, acted silly with them and rode bikes with them. I genuinely enjoy being with my family. I started having strange symptoms in April 2015. I had crippling pain in my back, stabbing, [...]
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5 Good Things That Happened to Me Because of My Lyme Disease

Living with Lyme disease for more than seven years has been challenging. Hospitalizations, putting school on hold, medical bills and an uncertain path that has been twisting and turning for years has become my new normal. But when I look back on my hard times, I can also find so much good from the past and present [...]