Naomi Batty - National Academy of Hypothyroidism

Naomi Batty is a patient advocate who lives with hypothyroidism.

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What 'I’m Tired' Means to Someone With Hypothyroidism and Adrenal Fatigue

Imagine this: You go to bed at 8 p.m. because you’re so unbelievably tired. You sleep pretty much straight through the night, maybe waking briefly, but nothing to hugely disturb the amount of sleep you get, before your alarm goes off at 7 a.m. for work. That’s 11 hours of sleep. Yet you feel more tired than [...]
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When Friends Think I'm 'Milking' My Chronic Illness

You are invited to a party. You feel rubbish but decide to say yes. The thought of socialization when you feel like absolute dirt, mentally, physically and emotionally, scares you, but you want something to look forward to. The diagnosis of an underactive thyroid and its many, many symptoms has gotten you down. Spending some time [...]
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When I Reached the Top of the Stairs Without Having to Crawl Up Them

There was a time when I really hated stairs. I mean really, absolutely, undoubtedly hated stairs. My hypothyroidism was so bad that I needed help to get up them, or I crawled up on my hands and knees, taking a few steps at a time before sitting to rest for a few minutes. I’d usually sit and [...]
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8 Positive Things I Learned Because of My Hypothyroidism

Trying to look at hypothyroidism in a more positive light can be difficult, but I try to look at it that way when I feel it’s all doom and gloom. This is usually when I hit a brick wall, like when my doctor won’t listen to me or something didn’t quite go as planned. However, going through a health condition that [...]