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To Anyone Who's Helped Me Through My Mental Illness

I’ve been on a long journey with my mental health, and it hasn’t been an easy one. From the social anxiety that’s been my constant companion, to the depression that one day changed me into a different person without warning, it’s been rough. And I understand that it hasn’t just been rough for me. It’s also been rough for the people around me.

So, if you’ve ever stuck around or helped me with my mental health crises, thank you. Thank you for not telling me to “just get over it.” Thank you for showing your love and support when my anxiety brings me to tears. Thank you for listening as I talk about my irrational fears, for holding my hand as I face my own personal demons.

Thank you for making sure I took care of myself when I didn’t want to, and for not letting my sudden irritability drive you away; thank you for not letting my distance keep you away. Thank you for staying with me during an emotional breakdown and calming me down, and for showing empathy rather than offering unsolicited advice. Thank you for making sure I got to my doctor’s appointments.

The battle I fight would be so much harder to fight alone. So, thank you for sticking by me. Your support means so much more to me than you will ever know.

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