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What It's Like Playing for Team Mental Health

You won’t see MH on the front of any jersey while you’re watching the Olympics, but millions of individuals specializing in several different disciplines continue to train and compete daily. The USA has strong teams in gymnastics, swimming and basketball. Focus, hard work and a never give up attitude have put them in that position.

While those athletes compete for Olympic medals and records, everyone on the MH team strives for a great quality of life. Like team USA, we have participants, coaches and doctors. We have teams in bipolar, schizophrenia, depression and anxiety. While men and women compete separately at the Olympics, gender plays almost no factor in achieving a great time. We’ve had some greats sport MH gear and our future looks bright with more individuals training hard. Not everyone chooses to wear their jersey on TV or on a big stage, but many are raising the level of play in their communities. The MH crowd is beginning to make more noise and our followers continue to increase. Our teams weren’t always accepted, but hard work has created some recognition and awareness.

The future success of the MH team depends greatly on the wisdom shared by its experienced participants and the youth’s ability to build on the work of those who have come before them. Mental toughness and studying are a must. Just like the teams competing for medals, medicine also plays a key role in advancing overall performance. MH doctors diagnose and develop recovery plans for unseen injuries. Great ones are out there, but they aren’t always easy to find. Career ending injuries happen too often, but one more is too many.

Next time you see us showcase our skills, don’t change the channel. You may be a parent of someone joining one of our Mental Health teams.

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