8 Things I Miss About Life Before Chronic Illness

I don’t believe anybody can fully understand what it’s like to be chronically ill until it hits you. I know I sure didn’t. I’ve started to understand now why taking it day by day is so important. If I think about my future it makes me feel very frantic and leaves me distraught, my main thought being, “Am I seriously going to have to put up with this pain the rest of my life?”

Here are some things I miss since becoming chronically ill:

1. I miss being able to watch people either on or off TV and not constantly thinking about how my body would feel if I did the same movements.

2. I miss not having to explain to people why I can’t join in on a particular physical activity, why it’s important to park the car closer or why I have to stop doing certain activities early. Main point: I’m tired of feeling like I constantly have to explain myself.

3. I miss not having to worry about or be scared of weather changes or anticipate knowing how they’ll affect my body for the next few days or more.

4. I miss not having to take so many darn pills and question if they are even doing anything.

5. I miss being able to relate to people easily instead of getting frustrated with those who don’t get what being chronically ill is like.

6. I miss not being able to be diagnosed based on what a doctor can actually see, such as a broken bone on an X-Ray.

7. I miss doctors not questioning how severe my symptoms actually are, not thinking I’m just trying to seek medication or just labeling me with something off the top of their heads to get rid of me instead of actually taking me seriously. Basically, if they can’t see anything they think it must be in my head.

8. I miss having other things to discuss besides my health. I don’t know what else to discuss since it’s such a huge part of my life right now.

I understand that I’m going through the stages of grief right now and I know it will take some time to accept this new obstacle in my life. For now though I will continue to take it day by day.

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