Ruby's Rainbow Helps Adults With Down Syndrome Pursue Higher Education

Ruby’s Rainbow is a nonprofit that provides scholarships for adults with Down syndrome who want to pursue higher education.

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Ruby’s Rainbow Helps Adults With Down Syndrome Pursue Higher Education.

The nonprofit grants scholarships for post-secondary education, enrichment and vocational classes.

Learning doesn’t stop at high school and Ruby’s Rainbow wants to help each recipient reach their highest potential.

The nonprofit was inspired by Ruby Plachta, who was born with Down syndrome.

Recipients have been accepted into schools across the U.S. like George Mason University and California Institute of the Arts.

Recipient Dylan Kuehl was the first person with Down syndrome to attend The Evergreen State College.

“They’re doing all the things that I hope and dream for my own daughter.” – Liz Plachta, Founder of Ruby’s Rainbow

You can follow the journey of each scholarship recipient on Ruby’s site.

To learn more, visit

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