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10 Survival Tips for Dealing With Chronic Illness Distress

Chronic illness is stressful. As an advocacy organization that works directly with patients, Good Days regularly assists individuals who not only need financial resources to cope, but require emotional support, too. We asked our patient care specialists and the Good Days’ community of friends who have personally dealt with chronic illness to share their survival tips for dealing with distress. Here is what they had to say:

1. “Remember that attitude has a lot to do with it. Attitude, genes, prayer and medicine.” – Anton T.

2. “Write down your thoughts, dreams and ideas.” – Samantha C.

3. “With chronic illness, everything you take for granted in your life can feel as though it is falling apart. To make the best of your situation, you cannot give up. You must own your experience with your doctors.” – Brenda H.

4. “Take 30 minute daily walks.” – Sabrina T.

5. “Attending church services or non-denomination spiritual services can be very therapeutic.” – Sabrina T.

6. “Stay positive. You have too much to do.” – Anton T.

7. “People are often too proud to ask for help. It isn’t easy. Remember that there are guides and resources that can assist you. They don’t want to take your pride away, they want to help.” – Brenda H.

8. “Hope keeps you going and it’s so important.” – Kim W.

9. “Embrace your faith. It’s OK to say lots of prayers for yourself and others.” – Nancy O.

10. “Sometimes the hardest thing is knowing you are that person or family. But keep fighting and you will find some absolute lifesavers along the way.” – Hanna B.

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