The Poem I Revisit When I'm Spiraling Down Into Depression

I wrote the following poem one day after coming out of one of my deeper periods of depression and anxiety.

I often revisit it when I feel myself spiraling down again, or after another rough patch in order to motivate and remind myself I am worthy and beautiful — even with my mental illness struggles.

I hope this may help somebody else too.


Don’t try to be another or to wish you life away,
Be proud of who you are and just take it day by day.

Take off that mask you’re wearing, you don’t always have to smile.
Your feelings need to breathe and show once in a while.

When you want to quit and you think it’s too hard,
Pick up the hand you’re dealt and learn to play those cards.

It’s OK to make mistakes and to admit you don’t know.
It’s when we ask for help that we allow ourselves to grow.

Don’t be afraid to cry and let others see your tears,
When you struggle in silence it increases pain and fear.

Embrace that you have flaws for they make you unique.
Fix some if you want, but don’t think you are weak.

Control those things you can and the rest learn to let go.
Do your best each day to find your inner glow.

Fight the negative voices that try to invade your mind,
Treat yourself with compassion and to others, please be kind.

Don’t try to disappear, as you deserve to take up space.
Spread your arms out wide and claim you own that place.

If the load becomes too heavy and you think you’re going to break,
Reach out a hand for help to carry some of the weight.

Forgive those who have hurt you, and that includes yourself.
Holding on to pain and anger is harmful to your health.

Times when you feel happy, don’t fear that it won’t stay.
Soak in every moment and don’t waste the time away.

Know you are worth it and that you are meant to be.
Say what’s in your heart and start setting your soul free.

Take a look in the mirror and try not to look away,
Tell yourself you are special and strive to feel that way.

Your outside is a shell that houses your true being,
Beauty comes from inside, at least the kind worth seeing.

Nobody else can do it… There can only be one you.
You are a beYOUtiful being… Own it because it’s true.

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