7 Reasons Why Chronic Disease Awareness Day Matters

Chronic Disease Awareness Day on Monday, July 10, 2017, is almost here!

Not all chronic diseases result from lifestyle choices and behavior, but the ones that do cost us dearly. The most common chronic disease conditions, like cardiovascular disease, stroke, cancer, type 2 diabetes and obesity, are also the most avoidable.

Unfortunately, seven out of every 10 deaths are caused by chronic diseases every day in the U.S. That is why Good Days supports Chronic Disease Awareness Day each year on July 10. Here are seven more reasons why Chronic Disease Awareness Day matters:

1. It is nearly a guarantee that either you or someone you know is battling a chronic disease. According to the Centers for Disease Control, one in four Americans has multiple chronic conditions that last a year or more and require ongoing medical attention or limit daily living. That number rises to three in four Americans aged 65 and older.

2. The primary contributors to death and disability in America are preventable. According to America’s Health Rankings, a report conducted annually for the past 25 years, cardiovascular disease remains the No. 1 killer, while obesity steadily rises across the country.

3. Preventable chronic conditions consume 86 percent of our nation’s healthcare spending and cost the U.S. nearly $347 billion in 2010.

4. On an individual basis, chronic disease is expensive. The combined costs of treatments, medications, and co-payments can be financially devastating. Often, health insurance is not enough to cover mounting costs of care. A staggering number of patients are forced to choose between affording everyday necessities, such as food, and their medical treatments. This isn’t an issue that affects some obscure number of people in America, nearly 30 percent of insured individuals cannot afford their treatments.

5. Chronic disease brings physical hardship, worry and emotional distress, both for the patient and for their families. Individuals with chronic disease must cope with distress that at times may feel debilitating. Public encouragement gives chronic disease sufferers hope and strength.

6. We need to decrease the rate of avoidable hospitalizations, spend more time being active, and adopt healthier eating habits. Widespread awareness, understanding of chronic disease prevention, and personal accountability is critical to improve quality life and reduce the number of chronic disease related deaths. By increasing national awareness we can change the dynamic of this healthcare crisis.

7. Anyone and everyone can make a difference. Chart paths to healthier communities in your area by engaging your community leaders on access to healthy foods and farmers’ markets, community fitness opportunities, or creating active routes to schools like bike and walking paths.

Join Good Days to recognize Chronic Disease Awareness Day on July 10, 2017!

Email [email protected] and we’ll help you submit a request for your hometown to recognize CDA Day too. Follow updates on the CDA Day Facebook event page.

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