How Depression Really Affects Me

Depression is lying in bed completely numb, overthinking every possible situation. It’s lying in your bed because that’s your only safe place. It’s crying yourself to sleep at night.

Depression is not wanting to get up — the feeling of weakness and not wanting to do anything today. It’s not showering, not because you’re too lazy to get up but because you’re too numb and can’t move.

Depression is sitting in shock. You can’t move, you can’t think, without crying. It’s when you’re in your deepest, darkest box, that you know you can’t get out of. It’s the fact you can’t snap out of it. Only time can fix it.

Depression is losing friends because you’re “too emotional.” They can’t handle you, but you just wish they understood you.

Depression is trying your hardest but not succeeding, so you beat yourself up for it.

Depression is a battle you’re sick of fighting. You know you have to keep going, but you don’t know why you’re still going.

Depression is like a storm — one minute it’s sunny outside and you’re smiling; the next, it’s thundering and raining as you’re crying those raindrops.

Depression is walking around numb, feeling like a skeleton, like you’re dead. It’s feeling that people are looking at you constantly.

Depression is not being able to hang with your friends so you say you can’t go, but deep down you’re just going to lie in bed all day.

Depression is thinking you’re not worthy enough for that job because others are better than you.

Depression is faking that smile and forcing that laugh, but you wish they would notice.

Depression is real. If you notice someone with depression, please don’t judge them. They are trying their hardest every day.

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