There Is Room for Us Stutterers in the Workplace

After I graduated college, my biggest fear was not getting a job due to my stutter. I went on countless job interviews, hoping someone would see me past my stutter.

Although a majority of the companies I interviewed for never followed up with me, there was one company that saw me, not my stutter. Because I’m not able to talk on the phone to customers like my co-workers due to my stutter, the company I work for created a job just for me. Instead of interacting with customers via phone, I interact with customers via email (there wasn’t an email communication line before I arrived on the job). Also, I work on spreadsheets and special projects as a renewals specialist at the insurance company I work for.

When some email matters cannot be solved via email, my co-workers help me by making phone calls to customers on my behalf. Having a team of people help me makes me feel really good because of our teamwork of accomplishing a task together. I’m thankful for my job because the company I work for makes sure they give everyone a fair chance, no discrimination allowed.

I want to tell my employment story to my fellow stutterers because I want you all to know there is room for us in the workplace. Yes, I am the only stutterer in the office, but I feel equal to my co-workers because we are a team.

To my fellow stutterers, know there will always be room for you in the workplace. Keep the faith. Stay positive. Know you can succeed in your career.

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